Joaquin Fregoni

I am a photographer from Argentina who has always pursued two passions: a love of diving and the ocean, and a desire to capture the world with a camera.  It was only when I emigrated to French Polynesia that I was able to combine my passions and launch my career as an underwater photographer.   

I came to Mo'orea because it is a marvellous place for a diver to live. Within only a few weeks, I knew this would be my home, and that I wanted to spend as much time as possible in these magical seas.  

Once I had spent some time exploring the wonders of Moorea and other islands of Polynesia, I found my true calling: underwater photography.  Now I spend my days and nights photographing the life of the ocean, and guiding visitors who want to experience these wonders for themselves. 

Being in the ocean, taking pictures, is everything for me – my passion and the work of my dreams. I hope you enjoy these images.

Come along on this adventure with me.

*Cover photo by Joshua Munoz


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